What's Ahead for May at CBC

Here is the May Calendar for CBC. Just a reminder that the location has changed for Men’s Discipleship to DeKoffiehoek. Looking forward to this month as the tulips will be here soon!


What’s Ahead for May at CBC

This Week at Cornerstone 4/27

I hope that everyone has been reminded of the Risen and Reigning Christ throughout this week (2 Tim 2:8) and you are keeping a gospel-focus in all that you do.

Just to remind everyone that we are having a church work day this Saturday, April 26th, starting at 8:00am. With enough help we hope to be done within a few hours. On the agenda are a few light cleaning and maintenance items.

For worship on Sunday, this week we will be observing the Lord’s Supper. For the sermon text we will be back in the Sermon on the Mount series, looking at what the Word has to say about worry and anxiety from Matt 6:25-34.

Below is a schedule of where we will be at till mid-June if you would like to read ahead:

Anxiety 6:25-34 (4/27)

Judging 7:1-6 (5/4)

Prayer & Perseverance 7:7-14 (5/11)

*TULIP Festival Community Worship (5/18)

False Prophets 7:15-20 (5/25)

False Professions 7:21-23 (6/1)

Two Ways to Live 7:24-27 (6/8)

The New Cornerstone Blog Is Here!

Since spring is the season of newness, we are beginning something new at Cornerstone. I am happy to introduce this as the first official blog of our church. 

Here you will find news and announcements of what is going on in the life of our church family. I will also link to helpful articles or recommend books that may be useful in your walk with Christ. Also, I plan to post thoughts on the sermon series and other devotional thoughts from time to time. 

Hopefully for those of you who spend time online, this will be a valuable tool to keep up to date in the life of our church. Ultimately, I hope this is a small tool that helps everyone in following our Savior. 

I look forward to worshiping him with you all this Resurrection Sunday!

Pastor Ryan Perz